Chalk Walk

April 11, 2015

Where: Market Square and Krutch Park (Downtown Knoxville)
Time: 8:00am to 5:00pm
How much: Free
Instructional Workshop: Wednesday, April 8 from 6:00-8:00pm at the Knoxville Museum of Art

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Watch where you step… literally! In its sixth year, the Chalk Walk is a street painting festival that turns Knoxville’s downtown sidewalks into a vast canvas for the region’s most talented professional and student artists. The Dogwood Arts Festival brings this event to Knoxville once again to teach this lost art and keep it alive and well for future generations. Bring the family and gets some ideas for your child’s next driveway masterpiece! 

Original work by participating Chalk Walk artists will be available for $30!

Street Art: A Brief Story 
Thought to have originated in Italy in the 16th century, street painting is a growing event at many community festivals.  Originally, the artwork was of a religious nature, therefore the artists were called “Madonnari”.  Vagabond artists would travel throughout Italy between festivals, living solely on the coins tossed onto or next to their drawings as homage to the Madonna or possibly to their abilities.  For centuries, the Madonnari were true folk artist, but suffered a decline after World War II.

The Chalk Walk Co-Chairs are Kathy Slocum and Jim Dodson.

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2014 Chalk Walk Winners!

Best of Show:  Jessie Kennedy Steinberg
People’s Choice: Shane Sandberg

Elementary, Single Artist
1st: Rachael Phillips
2nd: Hannah Tindell
3rd: Jordan Fall

Elementary, Collaborative
1st: A.L. Lots Elementary
2nd: Ball Camp Elementary
3rd: Sequoyah Elementary

Middle School, Single Artist
1st: Summer Meiling Finn
2nd: Eric Johnston
3rd: Courtney Lam

Middle School, Collaborative
1st: Jefferson Middle School
2nd: Stephanie Kiely, Natali Majoras
3rd: VineMagnet School

High School, Single Artist
1st: Shannon Stooksbury
2nd: Sara Davis
3rd: Love Presley

High School, Collaborative
1st: L & N Stem Academy
2nd: West High School
3rd: Chelsea Tabor, Abby Butler

College, Single Artist
1st: Jessie Langley
2nd: Ariana Rector
3rd: Rita Schmid

College, Collaborative
1st: Lauryn Darby, John Briddle
2nd: Samantha Myers, Katelyn Ingram, Leah Ingram
3rd: Ellen Clark, Allison Davis

Adult, Single Artist
1st: Kristen Kendall
2nd: Kathy Carney
3rd: Michael Gunnels

Adult, Collaborative
1st: Mary Katherine & Chuck Chin
2nd: Deanne Topping, Anna Simanis
3rd: Dorothy Verbick, Aaron Shugart

1st: Jeff & Emory Cross
2nd: Thayer Family – John, Chris & A.J.
3rd: Kevin & Channing Gentry