New Leadership Announced for Dogwood Arts’ Continued Growth and Success: Tom Cervone selected to be next Executive Director

Tom Cervone“Dogwood Arts Board of Directors has selected Tom Cervone as our next Executive Director. Cervone will carry on the momentum, enthusiasm and energy that drives our organization, and he will continue to expand its presence and impact in our community,” announces Board President, Janet Testerman.

Cervone has dedicated most of his life and career to the advancement of the arts and culture industry, as well as the nonprofit sector. He is currently the managing director of the University of Tennessee’s College of Business Professional MBA program. Cervone previously served as the first executive director of the Historic Tennessee Theatre Foundation. Prior to that, he spent 23 years managing UT’s Clarence Brown Theatre. Cervone currently serves on the board of the Arts and Cultural Alliance of Greater Knoxville, the advisory board for the College of Business at Maryville College, as well as the boards of WordPlayers and River & Rail Theatre Company. He also is the incoming curriculum committee chair for Leadership Knoxville. Cervone received his undergraduate degree in speech and English with an emphasis in theatre from West Liberty University in West Virginia and a Master of Fine Arts and an MBA from UT. He is a graduate of and was selected as the Class Representative of the Leadership Knoxville class of 2011.

“We are thrilled to have found an accomplished and innovative Executive Director to lead Dogwood Arts in further solidifying its role as the pre-eminent provider of arts and culture programming in the community,” says Eddie Mannis, chair of the executive director search committee.

Cervone, upon learning he had been chosen as Dogwood Arts’ new leadership, stated, “I am humbled and honored to be afforded this tremendous opportunity and challenge to lead and manage an institution with a history and connection to the Knoxville community unlike any other. I will continue the great work of this organization, but will search for ways to expand our arts and culture footprint and create new and exciting partnerships. I believe a vibrant and dynamic community reflects the investment and commitment to arts and culture by the citizens of the region, and Dogwood Arts must remain the trailblazer.”

Lisa Duncan, Dogwood Arts Executive Director since 2008, announced her desire to turn over the leadership in May and is leaving to launch a consulting firm focused on strategic business development. Duncan says, “The organization is well positioned for continued growth and success, and I feel confident in turning it over to Tom at this time. He will further develop the programming and community support that we have generated in recent years. I look forward to assisting in the transition process.” Duncan’s departure from the organization is September 30.

During Duncan’s tenure, new events were established and produced by Dogwood Arts such as: Rhythm N’ Blooms, Chalk Walk, Knoxville Film Festival, Dogwood Art DeTour, the Student Art & East Tennessee Art Educator Exhibitions (SYNERGY) and Bazillion Blooms, which was responsible for 7,200 dogwood trees being planted across the greater Knoxville area.

Dogwood Arts is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with a mission to promote and celebrate the Southern region’s arts, culture, and natural beauty. For more information, visit or call [865] 637.4561.


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Rhythm N’ Blooms

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