Regional Art Exhibition


Distinguished and progressive artists of our region will showcase their work in the 2017 Regional Fine Art Exhibition!

Fine art encompassing all styles and genres from both emerging and established artists will be showcased. The exhibition will be on display June 1- 31, 2017 at the Dogwood Arts office.

Leslie Noell, Penland School of Crafts’ Director of programs, will select the participants and award monies totaling $3,500 to exceptional artists at the opening celebration. For the 2017 season, applicants must permanently live within 500 miles of the Dogwood Arts office.

Join us for the opening reception on June 2, 2017 from 5:30-8:30pm at Dogwood Arts, 123 W Jackson Ave, 37902. Food and beverages will be provided, and you will be able to mix and mingle with our 2017 artists. We can’t wait to see you at the exhibition!

2017 Calendar

March 3, 2017: Application Deadline ($35 Fee)
March 31, 2017: Notification of Acceptance via email
May 23-24, 2017: Artwork must be delivered or mailed to Dogwood Arts Office (Dogwood Arts, 123 W. Jackson Ave, Knoxville, TN 37902)
June 2-30, 2017: Exhibition Dates
June 2, 2017: Opening & Award Ceremony 5:30-8:30pm at Dogwood Arts’ Office (Dogwood Arts, 123 W. Jackson Ave, Knoxville, TN 37902)

2017 Juror

Leslie Noell is an artist, designer, and educator who currently works at Penland School of Crafts as director of programs. She earned a degree in graphic design from NC State University College of Design and an MFA in artisanry from the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth. Leslie studied at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague and spent two years as a core fellowship student at Penland School of Crafts. She has been a resident artist at Caversham Press (Kwazulu Natal, South Africa), Jentel Artist Residency Program (Banner, WY), and the Winter Print Residency at Penland. Her work has been shown throughout the country in a number of exhibitions including the Hickory Museum of Art, Holter Museum of Art, Asheville Art Museum, and Mobile Museum of Art.

Leslie’s studio work has explored a range of media and process from drawings and prints to installations and objects. Themes trace the fine line between permanence and impermanence, clarity and opacity, real and imagined space. Her work is minimalist in feel and direct in means. She strives for a balance of refinement and touch. Though days in the studio are rare, creative concerns are a constant.

2017 Artists & Artworks

Debra Belvin – Changed Perspective Caused by 11/28 Catastrophe
Eric Brittain – Untitled
Eric Buechel – Self Portrait
Eric Buechel – Kathy Valentine
Jan Burleson – Some of Us…Skin Tones (after Byron Kim)
Chad Cole – Tobacco Barn
Claudia Dean – Things Fall Apart
Nick DeFord – Make New Friends
Nick DeFord – Babble (Tick Tock)
David Edens – Boiling Sea
Todd Fife – Henley
Michael Giles – The Imagined Time in Her Heart
Michael Giles – The Cloister of Solitude Like a Sacrilegious Heart
Sophie Glenn – Collapsible Stools
Jana Kappeler – Seeing the Bright Side
Maia Leppo – Wall Hanging Square Necklace
Maia Leppo – Wall Hanging Brooch
Maia Leppo – Wall Hanging Earrings
Nancy Jeanette Long – Morning View
Jackson Martin – Shanty
Jackson Martin – Weight in Silver
Yvonne Petkus – Arctic Hold
Shawn Poynter – Jarrell Cemetery Landlocked by Strip Job, West Virginia
Shawn Poynter – Tobacco Workers, Kentucky, West Virginia
Shawn Poynter – Last Supper with Knives, Tennessee
Dannon Schroeder – Induce
Brent Skidmore – Place of Purity
Brent Skidmore – Slice of Emotive Landscape
Denise Stewart-Sanabria – People # 68, 67 
Kelly Sullivan – Living (room) Situation
Keith Thomson – Roller Girls
Keith Thomas – Building for Sale
Jessie Van der Laan – Talus Integument S14
Jillian Walther – Jungstadt Berlin
Rick Whitehead – Soundless Echoes

Dogwood Arts Exhibition Chair

Kelly Hider