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Letter from our Executive Director:

“Willing suspension of disbelief” is the “contract” between audience and art form, regardless of the medium.  Fundamentally, this “frame of mind” allows both performers and consumers  to “agree” that what one is seeing, feeling, and experiencing is real, relevant, and reciprocal.  But with a twist.  And that’s okay.  No rules, just show up!  With that protocol in mind, if only for a moment, let’s consider the East Tennessee region a garden and, by extension, let’s also consider this society, community, economy, each of our systems, as seeds.  The culture, in this metaphor, would be the soil from which everything grows.  Our capacity to be creative or not, empowered or apathetic, comes from the soil.

Dogwood Arts’ mission, first and foremost, is to awaken our community, our audience, as it were, and expand the notion of what is possible in the world(s) of art, culture, and natural beauty.  We do this while we enrich each patron with interactions between artists and community.  This “living culture” galvanizes people, promotes understanding and, perhaps most importantly, builds collaboration, the very foundation of which, I would argue, constitutes relevant and sustainable art, culture, and natural beauty.

We believe a vibrant and dynamic community reflects the investment and commitment to the arts and culture stakeholders and residents of the region.  Mediocre arts and culture, if I may be so bold, leads to complacent and uninspired citizenry.  Dogwood Arts canand must be the trailblazer.  Our programming extends its reach across every demographic, and just like art, is expressive of the diverse talent throughout our region, which, in turn, engages and inspires the public to be more active and creative.

Won’t you please take a moment to consider an investment in your Dogwood Arts so that we, as a team, may maintain and invigorate this wonderful and long-standing enterprise that has been a bit overlooked, of late, and kinda misunderstood, in my humble opinion.  But, with your ongoing support, wisdom, and counsel, Dogwood Arts will remain a solid investment.

Thank you from all of us!
Tom Cervone
Executive Director
Dogwood Arts       


We can’t do it without you!  Please visit our Volunteer Knoxville sign-up page to upload your volunteer application for this year’s festivities.  Thank you in advance.

Endowment Fund:

Celebrating the past, building the future – that’s what Dogwood Arts is all about.  We hope you will help us in maintaining our status as one of the best arts and culture organizations in the Southeast.  With the creation of an Endowment Fund with the East Tennessee Foundation, we’re hoping to ensure Dogwood Arts will be enjoyed by generations to come.

To discuss planned giving opportunities, including bequests, charitable lead trusts, life income gifts, and gifts of cash, stock, real estate, and life insurance, please call [865] 637.4561.



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