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Most of Dogwood Arts’ wide range of arts events, performances, and exhibitions are offered to the public free of charge.  Without the support of our visitors, volunteers, patrons, community, corporate and media partners, a festival of this magnitude would simply not be possible.


Dogwood Arts: Our Region’s Arts, Culture and Natural Beauty

“A servant-leader acknowledges that his own healing is sometimes his motivation.  Something positive is communicated to one being served if, it is understood that the search for wholeness is something they share.” – Robert Greenleaf

Expanding on the above ideology, when I was first informed of the opportunity to apply for the position of E.D. of Dogwood Arts, these words came rushing to the fore.  Healing and Serving.  If to heal is to serve, then conversely to serve is to heal.  My time involved in the arts and culture enterprises of this region has always been motivated by the need to serve without ego and agenda and to heal without recognition or ballyhoo. 

Like many, I believe that a vibrant and dynamic community reflects the investment and commitment to the arts and culture of all stakeholders and dwellers of the region.  In other words, mediocre arts and culture equals complacent and uninspired citizenry and government.  Thankfully, that is no longer the case in our “scruffy” city. We are witnessing, right before our very eyes, an artistic and cultural renaissance here in Knoxville, as evidenced by the successes of the most recent Big Ears, Rhythm ‘n Blooms, and Rossini Festivals.

But, I believe we can do more and Dogwood Arts can and must be the trailblazer.  With the mission, to promote and celebrate our region’s arts, culture, and natural beauty, there is so much more yet to be promoted and celebrated, beginning, perhaps, with the integration and unification of ALL arts and culture.  Sure, most “arts” folks have their personal preference of art form/medium/ category, but if the arts and culture industry is not only going to survive, but thrive, we need to be reminded of and sensitive to what our for-profit brethren are right now promoting in business and industry, both domestically and globally: identifying and cultivating partnerships.  In other words,  this perceived “rivalry” among the arts and cultural constituencies within Knoxville must be rebalanced as a cooperative effort, not to carve up available resources (so that everyone gets a piece of the pie, albeit a small one), but to increase the resource base (grow the pie bigger) through cross promotional activities of all of the arts.  As we all know, the arts dollar is shrinking at an unprecedented rate.  To grow this pie, all stakeholders must work together so the arts and culture industry can blossom (pun intended) in an environment of encouragement and support. 

Gratefully yours,

Tom Cervone, Executive Director


We can’t do it without you!  Please visit our Volunteer Knoxville sign-up page to upload your volunteer application for this year’s festivities.  Thank you in advance.

Endowment Fund:

Celebrating the past, building the future – that’s what Dogwood Arts is all about!  We hope you will help us in achieving our goal of making our Festival the best in the Southeast.  With the creation of an Endowment Fund with the East Tennessee Foundation, we’re hoping to ensure Dogwood Arts will be enjoyed by generations to come.

To discuss planned giving opportunities, including bequests, charitable lead trusts, life income gifts, and gifts of cash, stock, real estate, and life insurance, please call [865] 637.4561.


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