A Very Special Arts Festival

There are no limits when it comes to the Arts!

2020 Date Coming Soon

A Very Special Arts Festival is a one of a kind event that celebrates Knox County Students with diverse abilities and the various artistic skills they are learning in the classroom.  The event is not a competition, but an opportunity for students with disabilities to share their talents, works of art, and accomplishments with the community.  Through this event, we hope to encourage and stimulate feelings of self-worth within these students.

The event includes a wide variety of activities in music, dance, drama, and visual arts. ¬†Workshops of “make and take” arts and crafts, demonstrations, exhibits of art work, and performances by individuals with disabilities are all elements of the festival. Students will enjoy spending time with local mascot/character favorites, an exhibit from the Knoxville Zoo mobile, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, a DJ, and more!


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Nancy & Merle Wolfe, Thompson Charitable Foundation, University of Tennessee Knoxville