Art In Public Places Mural Program

Art In Public Places Mural Program

Dogwood Arts Art In Public Places Mural Program supports emerging and established artists painting large scale murals throughout the greater Knoxville area. Our artists are bringing big ideas to life for nonprofits, schools, businesses and private arts patrons.

New! Artist Megan Lingerfelt is currently working on the restoration of the Dolly Parton mural created by Colton Valentine located in Strong Alley. The artwork was recently vandalized leaving many fans of art & music heartbroken. Follow her progress over the next few weeks by following our creative efforts on Facebook and Instagram.

Artwork by Colton Valentine, 2019
Artwork by Sarah Moore, 2019
Artwork by Cathryn Bozone (left) and Fawne DeRosia (right)

Art In Public Places Mural Program – Strong Alley 

Dogwood Arts, the Downtown Knoxville Alliance and City of Knoxville have been working together to build additional momentum and capacity for artists to create new artworks in Strong Alley. The alley has become one of Knoxville’s most prominent art destinations loved by residents and visitors alike, the space has grown organically with artists adding one-of-a-kind murals and graffiti art for over a decade.

To further advance existing creative efforts, we seek to connect artists with additional resources and opportunities to produce murals in the alleyway. Artists may apply for funding to cover supplies, equipment, and other needs related to the creation of new artwork.

Strong Alley Mural Application & Funding

Dogwood Arts awards funding for the production of new murals in Strong Alley twice a year. The next application will launch July 1, 2020 and close September 1, 2020. After the initial qualifications & artwork sample submissions are reviewed by our committee, up to 8 artists will be selected to receive $500-$1000 stipends to create a new murals. Artists will then submit a sketch, rendering or design proposal for final review. Artists should limit content related to politics, violence, lewdness, logos, copyright images, cartoon characters, etc. The funding stipend covers all costs related to the completion of a single mural for the alley. This may include artwork conception, design edits, art supplies, various installation materials, equipment rentals, and onsite production time.

Making Art In Strong Alley

While anyone can paint in the alley at any time, our goal is to help facilitate the organic production of murals in the space. We are open to all ideas and serve as a resource for professional muralists and artists who want to paint a mural for the first time. Artists are encouraged to create new murals on walls that do not have existing artworks. Contact us to discuss your creative plans and schedule a time to look at potential placements.

Hiring An Artist To Create A Mural

If you see an artist’s work you admire and have a potential project for them, please use our mural lookbook to contact them. Murals come in many sizes, styles, and price points. The scope and scale of an artwork can vary significantly. Artists can help you bring your ideas to life or create something entirely new and meaningful painted on your wall.

Before you contact an artist, be prepared with a checklist of information. Ask yourself the big questions: Why is the investment in this mural important? Where will the mural be located? What should the mural to be about or express? Who will see the mural and benefit from experiencing the artwork? How will the mural be funded and created? When does the mural need to be painted from start to finish? This is a great starting point, work through the details, then confidently contact an artist. Let us know if you need help or have additional questions about working with an artist to create or repair a mural.

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