Art Kits for Kids Donations

Your support of this program will provide immediate access to the numerous benefits of art education for underserved youth in our community.  Donate to the Art Kits For Kids program with a financial contribution or by supplying new, bulk art or school supplies such as pencils, note pads, pens, paper, stickers, markers, etc. that you may already have on hand. Do you have promotional items that haven’t been distributed or are out of date due to COVID-19? Stress balls, bubbles, stickers, other branded materials that kids would enjoy? We would love to include them as well. Currently we are not accepting used or recycled materials. 

Monetary donations can be sent online by filling out the form below or by check mailed to Dogwood Arts at 123 W. Jackson Avenue, Knoxville, TN 37902. 100% of donations received for this program will go to purchase Art Kit supplies.