Bazillion Blooms


Thank you, Knoxville for Helping Dogwood Arts Reach our Goal of Planting 10,000 new trees by 2018!

You ‘dug-in’ and made Bazillion Blooms 2018 a huge success! Tree sales are now closed.  If you ordered trees from Dogwood Arts, they must be picked up on Saturday, December 1, from 9:00am to 12:00pm at the UT Gardens off Neyland Drive.  Trees will not be distributed at a later time or date.



Since the initiation of Bazillion Blooms in 2009, Dogwood Arts, along with community and corporate partners, have planted more than 9,600 April-blooming, disease-resistant dogwood trees. In 2018, the community-wide tree-planting date is set for Saturday, December 1. Knoxville communities can ‘Keep Knoxville Blooming’ for years to come by planting not only dogwood trees, but spring flowering trees and shrubs, bulbs, and perennials during the Fall gardening season. Fall planting allows plants to develop strong root systems over the winter months, so they are strong for upcoming summer heat.

Knoxville’s iconic Dogwood Trails were created in 1955 to help beautify our neighborhoods. As the landscape ages, it has become increasingly important to revitalize tree plantings along these trails and throughout our region to ensure their beauty continues into the future.

Trees ordered from Dogwood Arts must be picked up on Saturday, December 1, from 9:00am to 12:00pm at the UT Gardens off Neyland Drive.  Trees will not be distributed at a later time or date.

Larger blooming trees, flowering shrubs, bulbs, and perennials are still available at these participating Garden Centers: Ellenburg Landscaping & NurseryStanley’s Greenhouse & Wilson Fine Gardens






You Did it, Knoxville! 10,000 DOGWOOD TREES IN 10 YEARS


Dogwood Arts has reached our goal of adding 10,000 Dogwood trees to East Tennessee’s landscape through the Bazillion Blooms program. A significant contribution by the Modern Woodmen of America has pushed tree sales past 10,000! The Bazillion Blooms program began in 2009 with a mission to revitalize tree plantings along our historic dogwood trails and throughout our region. Ten years later, we can all celebrate this community wide effort to ensure our region’s spring beauty will continue into the future.

Dogwood Arts commemorated reaching this goal by planting the 10,000th tree along the Dogwood Trail in the Historic North Hills neighborhood. Lloyd King, a Dogwood volunteer for over 35 years, assisted with the planting. Lloyd has overseen the planting of over 90 dogwoods in the North Hills neighborhood since the inception of the program 10 years ago!

Why Plant A Dogwood Tree?

*To keep our iconic dogwood trails blooming for years to come! The average life span of a dogwood in an urban setting is 25 years; and up to 50 in a rural setting. The first Dogwood Trail was planted in 1955. With a dogwood trees’ average life span of 25 years in an urban setting and up to 50 in a native setting, it is important to plant for the future.

*Dogwood trees offer 4 seasons of interest: spring bloom, summer shade, crimson fall color and winter berries for wildlife. The berries provide food for American Cardinals along with over 35 species of birds.

*Spring flowers provide nectar to pollinators including bees and spring azure butterflies

*Planting trees increases property values by providing beauty, decreasing utility costs by providing shade and improving air quality

Planting Instructions

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You may purchase your ‘In Memory or Honor *Of’… tree online or call us at 865-637-4561Dogwood Arts will be honored to arrange for the dogwood tree[s] to be planted in public land in Knox or surrounding counties where they will add beauty to our surroundings, improve our air, and be a beautiful reminder of lost ones. A donation of $25 or more recognizes your gift and provides for one tree.

2017 Memory & Honor Dedications:

In Memory of George Sadakne by Amera Sadakne

In Memory of Don & Eleanor Basler who taught me to love dogwoods by Joyce Moody

In Memory of my Dad Tom Brennan, uncle Peter Brennan, uncle Teddy Luty and uncle Tom Spohr who are in heaven by Kelly Brennan

In Honor of my granddaughter, Eleanor Cade Renfro by Sue Renfro


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Our Partners

City of Knoxville
Knox County
UT Institute of Agriculture

Bazillion Blooms Planning Committee

Vivan Vega, Committee Chair
Sam Adams, UT Arborist
David Brace, City of Knoxville
Michael Croyle, Volunteer
Lloyd King, Volunteer
Janice Mitchell, Volunteer
James Newburn, Asst. Dir. UT Gardens
Amy Styles, Volunteer

Vicki Williams-Baumgartner, Program Manager, Dogwood Arts Staff