Champion & Historic Trees of Knoxville

Trees Knoxville has initiated a recognition program for trees in Knoxville and Knox County to demonstrate the great tree history that exist in our community. The history of our area is documented by the many historic and champion trees that are found here. The Tennessee Champion Tree Program was initiated in East Tennessee during the 1970’s to find the largest native trees which occurred in the eastern part of the state. The program has been expanded statewide and over 260 species are now found on the state’s list. Also, the Tennessee Urban Forestry Council maintain a registry of landmark and historic trees of the state on its website at Trees Knoxville hopes to keep these efforts going and to expand the statewide efforts with a focus on significant, historic and champion trees listing for our community. We have posted the present list maintained by the state for Knox County located here (pdf file).
As part of our efforts to recognize notable trees, Trees Knoxville has partnered with Dogwood Arts to list trees that will be highlighted during the annual Dogwood Arts April Celebration and will be decorated with a pink bow so that they are easier to locate. The list of heritage trees are located here.

White Dogwood, Cornus Florida

ADDRESS: 2022 Island Home Blvd, 37920
SIZE: 70″-29′-41′-109

Red Dogwood, Cornus Florida, “Rubra”

ADDRESS: 1916 Martin Luther King Blvd
SIZE: 82”-34’-42’-126.5
DESIGNATION: United States Unofficial National Champion

Hackberry, Celtis Occidentalis

ADDRESS: First Presbyterian Church, Cemetery 620 State Street, 37902
DESIGNATION: Knox County Champion

Persimmon, Diospyros Virginiana

ADDRESS: UT Pedestrian Bridge Over Cumberland Ave
DESIGNATION: Tennessee State Champion

Yellow Buckeye, Aesculus Flava

ADDRESS: North Knoxville Park near corners of Park, Edgewood, and Acker Streets
DESIGNATION: Knox County Champion

American Elm, Ulmus Americana Over 15′ Circumference

ADDRESS: West end Sequoyah Hills Park near lake and parking lot.

Ginko, Ginko Biloba

ADDRESS: UT Administrative office, 1345 Cir. Park Dr. 37916  N, NW of McClung Museum
DESIGNATION: Tennessee State Champion

Incense Cedar, Calocedrus Decurrens

ADDRESS: 1009 Atlantic Avenue, 37917
DESIGNATION: Tennessee State Champion

Blue Atlas Cedar, Cedrus Atlantica

ADDRESS: Baptist Student Union, 1811 Melrose Ave. 37916
DESIGNATION: Tennessee State Champion

Southern Red Oak, Quercus Falcata

ADDRESS: Old Gray Cemetery, 543 N. Broadway, 37917
DESIGNATION: Largest tree downtown

Adair Oak, Quercus alba

ADDRESS: Lynnhurst Cemetery, 2301 Adair Drive, 37918

Douglas Fir, Pseudotsuga menziesii

ADDRESS: Gentry-Griffey Funeral Chapel, 5301 Fountain Rd., 37918
DESIGNATION: TN State Champion

Pond Cypress, Taxiodum ascendens

ADDRESS: Savage Gardens, 3237 Garden Drive., 37918
DESIGNATION: TN State Champion