Dogwood Arts Festival Participating Artists 2018


Margalena Lepore Studios
Amy Draws
The Pepper Mill Shop
Beeb Benson Arts Co
River Impressions
Marge Luttrell Encaustic
S. Moore Studio
Whiteside Art
Windows to the Garden


Artworks by Karen Fincannon
Egenolf Ceramics
Clayoh Ceramics
Baum Pottery
Sam Hitchman Ceramics
Stony Clay Station Pottery
Martin Pottery
Pottery by Becca
Sarah Sunshine Pottery
Neal Pottery
Turning Grace Studio
Pottery by Kristi OConnell
Amber Anne Palo
Riffe Pierson Pottery
Sutton Ceramics
T Weber Pottery
Abby Reczek Pottery


Halo Fabric and Dye
Laces of Lore Wearable Art
Manifest Color
Silk by Betsy
Sweet Pea Toad
Vicki Love Designs
Rudy Tell Leather


The Glass Haus
Gordon Glass Studio
Debi Dwyer Designs
Bungo Glass
Pretentious Glass Co
Buckhorn Ridge Studio
Marble City Glassworks
Watsons Stained Glass


Ann Finley Jewelry
Charles Pinckney Designs
Kathryn Riechert
Amy Brandenburg Studio
Gilded Lily Glass
Caristo Jewelry Designs
Lynne Fiorenza Jewelry
Maggie J Jewelry
Mani Designs
The Silversmith Jewelry
Kim Thompson stone & sterlingwear
Visions of Creation Gallery
Renita Andrews
Inside The Byrds Nest
New Eve Jewelry
Katie Dirnbauer
Boulder Park Gems
Dwyer Designs
Artistic Icing
Susan Parry Designs
Lock and Key
Tempke of Trust Studios
Spoke N For


Michigan Made Metal
Presentability LLC
The Nature of Metal
Poff Sculptures
Nature of Reaction
Scrappalachian Metal Work
Wells Studio

Natural Product

Element Tree Essentials
Whispering Willow Soap Co
Botanic Synergy
Succulents Go Vertical
Songbird Bath and Body
Rainwater Farm
A Living Art Topiary


Robert Jones Photography
Left Behind
Will Byers Photography
Copeland Photography
Fred Draper Photographer
Trace of Light
Wildlife Photography by Clay Thurston
Coles Corner


Oak and Rope Design
Koolbird Birdhouses
Cadman & Cummins Studios