Flamingo Flocking Fundraiser


Flamingo Flocking season is here and we have confirmed reports that large flocks of flamingos will soon be landing on the lawns of area residents sometime in the near future. You can help with this madness by ordering a flock of your own and sending it your loved one, your enemy, or your frenemy. For a minimum donation of $50 you can send a flamingo flock! 


Our highly confidential sources tell us that these particularly plastic birds tend to show up in the dark of night, accompanied by a couple of members of the Dogwood Arts team, who generally try their best to not laugh too loudly as they plant flocks of pink flamingos on local lawns.

Not only is flocking someone a great way to enjoy the summer, you are also helping your beloved organization, Dogwood Arts, raise funds as we turn our neighborhoods pink!

Should you wake up one morning to a sea of pink flamingos on your lawn, take heart! There will be instructions on how, for a small donation, the nice and highly skilled Removal Technicians from Dogwood Arts will come remove the pesky birds.

Your lawn gets de-flamingoed and this worthy, local arts and culture non-profit, Dogwood Arts, will get the funds needed to continue to promote and celebrate our region’s art, culture, and natural beauty.


No worries! You too can purchase a Flamingo Flocking Insurance policy for just $10. Once again, all monies will go to this outstanding local group and your home will be spared the embarrassment of blushing in various shades of pink!


Should you find a flamingo flock in your yard, you can “share the joy” by contacting the nice folks at Dogwood Arts, making a small donation for flamingo removal and then you can send the flock packing…. TO ANYONE ELSE IN TOWN!

(And, before anyone asks the question, the answer is YES…while it may not be entirely ethical, we DO take BRIBES, in the form of the highest donation offered, to flock and re- flock anyone who hasn’t already had the good sense to purchase a Flamingo Flocking Insurance Policy!)

So go ahead, tell us who’s yard you want flocked. And remember, this fundraiser goes through the end of June, so make sure you get to all your friends on your list!

Questions about our newest fundraiser? Email kwooten@dogwoodarts.com

Support our Flamingo Flocking Fundraiser by ordering your flamingos in advance below.

PLEASE NOTE: WE ONLY FLOCK THE FOLLOWING ZIP CODES: 37919, 37918, 37917, 37902, 37909, 37922, 37923