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Scenic Road

by Adrew Saftel

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Scenic Road by Adrew Saftel

Born in Massachusetts, and receiving his B.F.A. from San Francisco Institute of Art, Andrew’s interest in art began after working to publish editions of prints and sculptures at a printmaking workshop in San Francisco.  He moved to Knoxville in 1985 and immediately felt inspired by the landscape and folk artists. “I am proud to be affiliated with the Dogwood Arts Festival this year, which has a long history of bringing the arts to East Tennessee,” says Andrew.  He goes on to say, “So much about our region and its history has provided me with content and imagery for my work through the years and I still find East Tennessee fascinating and inspiring every day.  Although my work references global, human, environmental, and historical themes, I consider myself an East Tennessee artist, since this is where I grew up as an artist and will always continue to work.” Andrew’s more than 40 solo exhibitions and numerous public commissioned pieces, and have taken place in Tennessee, Massachusetts, California, Georgia, Alabama, Florida, North Carolina, Rhode Island, Colorado, and Montana.

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