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One nearby picture taker is equipping to catch a heavenly occasion Sunday night — an absolute lunar obscuration that will wash the moon in red and orange shades. Peter Squicciarini will set up at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront to record the profound ruddy shine of the "blood moon," which will be noticeable to stargazers across Hampton Roads not long before 11:30 p.m. Sunday until around 1 a.m. Monday. CLICK HERE TO WATCH Lunar Eclipse LIVE STREAM 100% FREE CLICK HERE TO WATCH Lunar Eclipse LIVE STREAM 100% FREE "I do a ton of night sky photography, and this is an energizing, intriguing occasion," Squicciarini said. "Sunlight based and lunar shrouds happen from one side of the planet to the other on different occasions every year, except it is intriguing that they come over our area." An all out lunar obscuration happens when the whole moon passes into the haziest piece of the Earth's shadow as the sun, Earth and moon adjust. While the moon falls into Earth's shadow about two times every year, Molly Wasser with NASA's media group says this overshadowing is "an extraordinary survey an open door." "It is an absolute overshadowing, with the goal that the full moon will be totally covered by Earth's umbra, it's apparent from the whole mainland United States, and noticeable at a fairly sensible hour, starting around 9:30 p.m. with entirety starting around 11:30 p.m.," Wasser said. "Those three conditions will just happen a couple of times ten years." Squicciarini, who has six years of involvement shooting astrophotography, recently shot the February 2019 lunar obscuration along the Eastern Shore and ventured out to Greenville, South Carolina, to catch an all out sunlight based overshadow in 2017. To plan for Sunday's lunar shroud, Squicciarini said he explored the moon's anticipated situation overhead, climate and the region's geography. "This overshadowing begins at 20 degrees and when it is done, it closes at 30 degrees. So it is genuinely low to the skyline," Squicciarini said. "That offers me a chance to incorporate the moon with part of the scene, which I feel is a general seriously intriguing photograph." CLICK HERE TO WATCH Lunar Eclipse LIVE STREAM 100% FREE CLICK HERE TO WATCH Lunar Eclipse LIVE STREAM 100% FREE Since the moon will be low to the skyline, he needed to concentrate on guides to guarantee his perspective on the moon wouldn't be deterred by structures or trees. Squicciarini said the unhampered view is why are Virginia's shores so amazing. Squicciarini plans to be at the Oceanfront from 11 p.m. to 1 a.m. to catch the pinnacle of the blood moon, shooting the southeastern night sky as he peers down the ocean side and the Boardwalk. As per a NASA news discharge, the moon's rosy tint is a typical event during a shroud on the grounds that the main daylight arriving at the moon goes through Earth's air, dispersing the daylight. Known as Rayleigh dispersing, a similar peculiarity makes the sky blue and dusks red. The more residue or mists in Earth's climate during the obscuration, the redder the moon will show up. "Maybe every one of the world's dawns and nightfalls are projected onto the Moon," the delivery said. The complete lunar obscuration will be apparent to the unaided eye for the eastern portion of the United States and all of South America. For a superior view, NASA proposes stargazers peer through a telescope or a couple of optics. Photographic artists ought to utilize a camera on a mount with openness speed set to endure "essentially a few seconds." For the individuals who don't take photographs frequently, yet might want to catch the overshadowing, Squicciarini suggests that they get to know their camera and its settings. "You would rather not get out there and be confounded by the buttons or settings," Squicciarini said. "You can go out and rehearse on the normal moon. The settings and the interaction is no different either way." For experienced photographic artists, Squicciarini said to "get as inventive as could be expected."