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"It Only Does Everything"

Top Purple is a bio-degradable environmentally safe multi-purpose cleaner that is one of the most unique and versatile products on the market today. 


2 ounce travel size bottle: $10

8 ounce bottle: $20

16 ounce bottle: $30

We offer a multiple bottle special with free shipping if purchased during the Show.

Call to Order:

(727) 410-5435


Top Purple contains no acid, ammonia or abrasives which makes it safe for everything in and around your home. One bottle of Top Purple replaces several cleaning products saving you money, time, and storage space. 

Every piece of jewelry you own including opals, pearls, Pandora, Tiffany, costume and antique jewelry will look brand new in seconds with Top Purple. An added bonus is soap, oil, lotion and hairspray will not stick to your jewelry for up to a month.

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