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George Habeib

Athenaz Alchemy 777

Printmaking, Bookbinding Hand-sewn sketchbooks

George Habeib is an Artist, Alchemist and Community-member hailing from Elizabeth, NJ with heritage from Cairo, Egypt and now residing in Antioch, TN. The soul of George’s work comes from the intersections of their inspirations in daily life and their innate ability to build their own world around them with the materials and ideas accessible to them. George prides themself on being an alchemist, one who uses the laws and materials of the world, to transmute the building blocks of life and structure into works of art and other forms of energy and expression. It is George’s mission to continue to grow and develop in this world and to help build the next through their creativity in conjunction with their community.

Available for:

1-2 hour Workshop (in-person)

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