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"No matter what the coming season brings, you can count  on Dogwood Arts to be here finding big and small ways to keep us all connected -  just as we have since 1955. 

Support from  you, no matter what size, will make a real and lasting impact in this community."

Sherry Jenkins, Executive Director

Make a Difference by

Supporting Dogwood Arts

Our mission is to promote and celebrate the art, culture and natural beauty of our region.

Dogwood Arts has a 65-year history of arts advocacy, environmental stewardship, and economic impact in East Tennessee. We produce 20 year-round events and programs that help make Knoxville a great place to live, work and play. But we can't do it alone. Help us Grow the Good by giving today.

2021 Season Supporters 

A.C Massengill Jr.

Al Gill

Alaine McBee

Alan Solomon

Amy Styles

Ann Whitney Stanley

Barbara Apking

Barbara Hillard

Barbara Johnston

Benjamin Alford

Betsey Creekmore

Bill Pugh

Bob Cross

Bob Thomas

Brooke Lawson

Charles Henry

Clairanne Hann

Connie Gonzalez

Dale Workman

David Birdwell

David Owens

Dean Turner

Derek Strickland

Dixie Highway Garden Club

Don Preston

Doug Slocum

Ed Shouse

Ellen Izard

Ellie Kittrell

Eric Bowen

F. Michael Combs

Georgiana Vines

Heather Overton

Helen Alley

J Parks Hitch

Jami Cox

Jamie Davis

Janet Cobble

Janet Testerman-Crossley

Janey Sterchi

Jeanie Sims

Joan Cronan

JoAnn McCallen

JoAnne Witherspoon

Joe Fox

John Ray

Jonathan Repass

Jonathan Williams

Judith Marquand

Julia Luna

Karen Sproles

Kassandra Richardson

Kat Torbett

Kate Creason

Kenneth Creed

Knoxville Sheet Metal Works, Inc

Kyndra Brewer

L. Caesar Stair III

Lakemoor Hills Garden Club

Larsen Jay

Leslie Testerman

Lily Fierro

Linda Haynes

Linda Powell

Lisa Blakely

Lisa Duncan

Loreto Ferrada

Marcia Goldenstein

Marga McBride

Mark Gaylord

Mark Medley

Mary Slack

Millie Ward

Mitch Reed & Associates


Nancy Campbell

Nancy Fitzpatrick

Patricia West

Patrick Riggins

R. Larry Smith

Rene Yanes

Reuben Pelot

Richard Antonucci

Rick Hill

Robert Claytor

Robert Eldridge Jr.

Rogers Group Inc

Sara Pinnell

Sarah Kane

Shannon Herron

Sharon Pryse

Sherri Parker Lee

Stuart Worden

Sue Callaway

Suzanne Schriver

Tamara Warner

Taylor Woodroof

Tom Gouffon

Vicki Williams Baumgartner

Vivian Vega

Vreeland Engineers, Inc.

William B. Stokely Jr. Foundation



  • Susan Cafferty

  • Norma Cook

  • Jamie Davis

  • Dabney Johnson

  • Paula and Grainger Morrison


  • Terri & Steve Dole from The Kuesters

  • Caroline Bingham Hoadley from Caroline Hoadley

  • Mary Hurst from Rachel Lovell

  • Mike Paschall from Dave & Bonnie Lockwood

  • Cotton Berrier, Harriett Berrier, Katherine & Chris Everett, Bob & Jane Mimcke, Bob & Margaret Patrone from Sarah Berrier

  • Robert Kenan Smith from Mom & Dad

  • Virginia Colyar Smith from Mom & Dad

  • Henry Scott Smith from Mom & Dad

  • L. Caesar Stair, III from Members of the Knox County Master Gardeners


•   Thornton Elmore from Missy Palmer Trent
•   Barry Jenkins from Lisa Duncan
•   Nelly Elsa DiGiulio from Sandi & David Gettlefinger
•   Barry Jenkins from Jane Brannon
•   Corey Justice  from Sean, Ashlee, Mia and Morgan Holloway
•   Alton Chester Morris, Jr. from Suzanne Piper
•   Lea Ousley from Linda, Michael, and Mark Ousley
•   Myles W. Dewey from Erin Archer
•   Buddy and Sarah Saulsbury from Tamra Ray
•   Linda Jane Long from Suzanne Graves
•   Andi Ray from Jane & Richard Ray
•   Lawana JoAnne Puccini Tarter from Tyson & Betsy Chastain
•   Glenda Beverly Calhoun, beloved Mother from Karen Lynn Calhoun, daughter
•   Peggy Serrano from Leslie Serrano
•   David Leroy Owens from Dane & Ripley Owens
•   Reggie Jenkins & Peggy Whitt from William Heller & Michael Whitt
•   Karen Moree from The Caffertys
•   Tom Baker from Mari Kohnstamm
•   Betty Gheen from Kevin & Beth Gheen
•   Billy Dale Smith from Nancy White
•   Tommy Keeton from Ashley Keeton Francis
•   Randy Bush from Kaitlyn Meadows, Family & Friends of Randy

More Ways to Support 


What does your license plate say about you? The State of Tennessee offers more than 100 specialty license plates for Tennessee motorists to display on their registered motor vehicles. These plates represent special interest organizations, professional organizations, colleges and universities, branches of the military and other topics. Funds from these plates support art organizations just like ours! For more information, click the images below!

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