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Jamie Chard Kowarick

Fado Made


Jamie Chard Kowarick is a leather worker who graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York City. Born and raised in Connecticut, Jamie developed a passion for fashion and design at a young age and took comfort in expressing herself through the unspoken power of fashion. While at her alma mater, Jamie started working with leather in FIT’s Footwear and Accessories Design program, where she studied the art of making handbags, shoes, belts, and more. Jamie became fascinated by the unique texture and versatility of leather, plus the freedom she felt while designing, which led her to pursue a career in leatherworking on her own after graduating from FIT. Over the years, Jamie has continued to hone her leather craft and developed a keen eye for detail, bringing her love of design and mindfulness into her work within her business, Fado Made Co. Through Fado Made, Jamie offers custom leather pieces ranging from practical everyday accessories, like bags and wallets, to more elaborate pieces, such as handcrafted sandals. Her work is known for its attention to detail, quality materials, and meticulous hand-stitching. Fado Made Co. at its core is ‘leather that weathers a smile.’ Founded on slow fashion practices and the idea that accessories are investment pieces that only get better with time, Fado Made accessories are made from the best materials so they may be passed down from generation to generation. Founded in 2020, the inspiration behind Fado Made Co. comes from Jamie’s experience in inheriting sentimental pieces that once belonged to her relatives such as photos, books, leather goods, and jewelry, and she hopes to create pieces with which other families can also create memories. Fado Made Co. products are exclusive, vintage-inspired, and are made to help anyone express themselves more freely, without the need to speak. Jamie hopes all Fado Made customers feel a sense of empowerment and nostalgia whenever they wear one of her accessories.

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