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Dogwood Arts Receives $5,000 Mountain Dew Outdoor Grant

On Friday, November 12th, Dogwood Arts will receive a $5,000 grant from the Mountain Dew Outdoors program and Food City to support the ongoing efforts of their Trails & Gardens Program. Since 1955, Dogwood Arts has championed the natural beauty of East Tennessee and are honored to have been nominated by Food City to receive this award.

About the Mountain Dew Outdoor Grants Program: MTN DEW® is awarding forty, $5,000 grants ($200K) to nonprofits for initiatives that support outdoor conservation and recreation as part of the MTN DEW Outdoor Grants program. Whether through wildlife conservation, environmental preservation or outdoor recreation, all chosen nonprofits share a common goal of enhancing and protecting the great outdoors for the continuing benefit of everyone. MTN DEW’s long-term goal is to assist these Heartland-based organizations in commemorating the lands we love and promoting safe outdoor participation for years to come.

The grants are awarded to organizations that “best demonstrate their local community impact to preserving and protecting the outdoors through three judging categories: authenticity and creativity, local community impact, and influence on outdoor conservation or participation.” The program kicked off in 2020 and encouraged eligible nonprofits to share their focus on outdoor experience, regional impact on outdoor conservation and celebration of outdoor lifestyle.

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