Dogwood Arts promotes & celebrates the art, culture and natural beauty of our region.

History of Dogwood Arts

In 1947, New York newspaper reporter John  Gunther, came into town, checked out the area, then returned to New York and wrote “Knoxville is the ugliest city I ever saw in America, with the possible exception of some mill towns in New England. Its main street is called Gay Street; this seemed to me to be a misnomer.”  Thus, in 1955, members of the Knoxville Garden Club, led by Betsey Creekmore, Martha Ashe and Betsy Goodson, along with a group of concerned citizens with a vision began a civic beautification project… the Dogwood Trails.

Some Dogwood Arts milestones:
1955:  Dogwood Trails are established
1961:  First Dogwood Arts Festival
1970:  Bob Hope appears at Festival
1972:  Elvis Presley performs at Stokley Athletics Center
1977:  First Limited Edition Print
1978:  House & Garden Show established
1979:  A Very Special Arts Festival established
2009:  Bazillion Blooms and Chalk Walk established
2010:  Dogwood Arts Festival celebrates 50 years
2014: 60th Anniversary of the Dogwood Trails
2018: 40th Anniversary of the House & Garden Show
2018: 10th Anniversary of Chalk Walk
2018: 10th Anniversary of Bazillion Blooms

 2018 Leadership

Shanna Browning, President
Eric Botts, President Elect
Janet Testerman, Past President
Mike Mangione, Secretary
Jill Neace, Treasurer
Jim Dodson, At-Large

 2017-2018 Co-Chairs

Dino Cartwright
Jennifer Holder

 2017-2018 Board of Directors

Eric Botts
Jane Brannon
Dr. Michele Brewer
Shanna Browning
Brandon Bruce
Dino Cartwright
Jim Dodson
Erin Donovan
Mel Evans
Holly Hambright
Jennifer Holder
Jonathan Kerr
Mike Mangione
Jill Neace
Ryan Shaw
Janet Testerman
Bob Thomas
Brent Thompson
John Weaver
Tom Wright

Advisory Board

Patrick Birmingham
David Butler
Lanis Cope
Betsey Creekmore
Joan Cronan
Mike Edwards
Sam Furrow
Dale Keasling
Lloyd King
Bill Lyons
Eddie Mannis
Mike McClamroch
Alvin Nance
Brandon Parks
Sharon Miller Pryse
Rhonda Rice
L. Caesar Stair, III
William B. Stokely, IV