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Rhea Carmon

RheaSunshine Poetry

Performing Arts, Spokenword Poetry

Award-winning wordsmith Rhea Carmon is a force that weaves passion, purpose, and power into poetry. She is a teacher, mentor, motivational poet, and inspiration to all that come in contact with her. Rhea's life lessons and stories create space for conversation and understanding. She will motivate and inspire students and adults to be the best form of themselves on a daily basis. For twenty years, RheaSunshine has traveled the nation, sharing her gift of the spoken word and facilitating self-expression, liberation, and healing. This art form has led her to touch lives at universities and educational institutions as well as civic engagements and festivals. Bringing Rhea to your school, district, or event will transform your students and staff by challenging every person to find the beauty in education and the inspiration that every day brings.

Available for:

30 minute Artist Talk + Demo (in-person), 1-2 hour Workshop (in-person)

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